Friday, April 22, 2011

Go modern with your plants!

Yes, your plants want to go modern! 

Get out your gloves and potting soil because it's time to add a modern flair to 
your living room, patio and deck! There are lots of fabulous shapes, colors and styles of 
planters out there for you to choose from!

The Beloved Bullet Planter!

First manufactured in postwar 20th century America, the planters reflected 
the era's fascination with all things "space age" and "modern".  
The Retro Bullet Planter is faithful to the vintage originals in shape, color, and the 
distinctive texture of compression-molded fiberglass.

Talk about amazing craftsmanship! Vessel USA Inc. produces the 
award winning Architectural Pottery collection show below.

Architectural Pottery has been a luxury American Made product since 1950.  
Original designs are commissioned and produced from designer specifications.


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