Sunday, October 3, 2010

Barcelona Chairs By Mies Van der Rohe

OK- I admit it! I am a chair addict. One of my all time, must have chairs is the Barcelona Chair. Designed in 1929 by Mies Van der Rohe for the International Exposition of 1929 which was held in Barcelona, Spain (hence the name).

Designers and architects of the Bauhaus Movement were intent on producing great design for the "common man" - the Barcelona Chair was the exception! It was designed for Spanish Royaly.

In 1953, Mies Van der Rohe ceded his patent rights to Knoll, which renewed interest in the chair. Knoll still holds the patent rights though there are numerous knock-offs on the market.

Thanks to my Craig's list watch dog Terri, I now own a vintage pair of Knoll Barcelona chairs. And, if the deal wasn't sweet enough, they were originally owned by A.G. Odell of ODell and Associates in Charlotte, NC. Odell and Associates and their architects are responsible for many of Charlotte's mid-century modern homes and commercial buildings.


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